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Sridhar July 3, 2002 06:55

Turbulence Model Study
Dear Fluent Users,

I am studying the flow in the simplified 2d radiator with 10 tubes. Before doing this I am doing a model study to see which turbulence model is suitable for this problem. Can anyone suggest a model which is suitable for this problem, and if not the steps to be followed during the model study, I mean how can we decide which model is suitable.



Lanre July 4, 2002 00:12

Re: Turbulence Model Study
Are you interested in the tube-side or shell/external-side of the radiator?

Sridhar July 4, 2002 03:17

Re: Turbulence Model Study
Hi Lanre,

I am intrested in flow inside the radiator tubes. I made a simple radiator with inlet, inlet connected to inlet tank which is connected to 10 tubes(each 5mm width)and then to a outlet tank and to outlet. I am studying the effect of inlet and outlet position on the fluid flow across the tubes and overall pressure drop between inlet and outlet.

Thanks. Sridhar.

Lanre July 4, 2002 11:23

Re: Turbulence Model Study
First determine whether the flow is indeed turbulent in the entry and discharge headers, and in the tubes. If the flow is turbulent, I would suggest the RNG k-e model with non-equilibrium wall functions for your developing boundary layer in the tubes.

Sridhar July 4, 2002 16:58

Re: Turbulence Model Study
Thanks Lanre.


chun July 5, 2002 12:37

Re: Turbulence Model Study
hi, sridhar mad for deepa

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