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shao July 3, 2002 08:51

reation modeling in fluent
I am doing a test simulation(just involve one phase, batch reator, assume perfect mixing at t=0) in fluent, which involves substrate(glucose) consumption and cell prodution. The rate of consumption and production is as described at There are also some simplification assumptions. I looked into Fluent, but I don't know how to conduct the simulation. I have thought that it could be modeled using the species transport: finite rate and/or eddy dissipation model, but it seems not practical since the stoichiometric chemical reaction equation is not available. Anyone can give me some suggestions. Thanks!

Lanre July 4, 2002 00:11

Re: reation modeling in fluent
Stoichiometric reaction is available if A is infinity and E is zero in the Arrhenius rate parameters. You will still have to contact species A with B, say. You can do this by inlet BCs, mass source terms, or patching an initial condition (transient/unsteady calc only).

That aside, you've already defined a rate for your system. Consider modifying the example reaction rate UDF to suite your case and proceed from there.

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