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lax July 3, 2002 23:51

Fluent 6 advantages ?
hi, can anybody give me the advantages of using Fluent 6 over fluent 5.5 I am planning switch over the new version hence pl. advice me.

Lanre July 4, 2002 00:04

Re: Fluent 6 advantages ?
1. Numerous model enhancements

2. Numerous bug fixes

3. Seamless (my experience) transition, completely forward compatibility, i.e. read your FLUENT 5.5 files directly into FLUENT 6

4. Noticable faster convergence (my experience)

Don't hesitate another minute.

Thitikorn July 4, 2002 00:49

Re: Fluent 6 advantages ?
I think you can stop use Fluent 5.5 and let use Fluent 6.0

Fluent 6.0 have everything similar or better than Fluent 5.5 :)

Greg Perkins July 4, 2002 05:56

Re: Fluent 6 advantages ?
That's my experience in general too. Convergence is faster.

Bugs come and go in my experience - new ones come and old ones go. All codes (apart from trivial codes) have bugs! Fluents, mine and no doubt lots of other people's too.

I've found a bug in Fluent 6 (6.0.20 & 6.0.12) which prevents me from using one model in 6 rather than staying with 5.5.

But then I quite like the time-averaging of field data and the animation capability of the new 6.0. Fluent 6.0 and the udfs seem to be more portable that on 5.5.

So overall its better, but its wise to test these things for yourself a bit, since everybody is using different features of what is a rather complex program.


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