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Thitikorn July 4, 2002 04:17

CFB in Hot model with Fluent6.0
Now I have FLUENTNEWS magazine Volume 10, Issue 2*Winter 2001 in my hand.

In this magazine tell me Fluent 6.0 is very good for simulate The Eulerian granular multiphase model of CFB. But I want to simulate CFBC(Circulating fluidized bed combustor) in Hot model. It have combustion of coal and I want to investigate CO producted (***Oh! multicomponent and multiphase again***). Anybody plz tell me. Fluent 6.0 can simulate my model or not?

OR? Fluent program isn't suitable for Chemical Engineering Process coz have many many many Multicomponent + Multiphase + Reaction process.

But suitable for typical fluid flow model (and complicate depend on structure of model).

Now I order Fluent 6.0 and disappoint me :( coz I think Fluent 6.0 will can simulate my process But Fluent 6.0 does't have many new option better than Fluent 5.5 (In many typicle model 5.5 & 6.0 I think It is't different)

Or I have to go back to use Fluent 4.5?

Greg Perkins July 4, 2002 05:50

Re: CFB in Hot model with Fluent6.0
Until 6.1 comes later on 6.0 can't handle heat transfer etc in the Eulerian model - so yes stick with Fluent 4.5 since that's still the best for these applications.

You can do cold simulations, though - that's perhaps not satisfactory depending upon what you want from the model.


Thitikorn July 4, 2002 06:15

Re: CFB in Hot model with Fluent6.0
Em... Fluent 6.0 really can't suitable for Chemical process.

But Do u know why Fluent did't combine advantage of Fluent 4.5 in Fluent 6.0. Why we will can't simulate on only version and no confuse adout "What ver. I have to use?"

Now we have to collect program (Fluent or another) and we yet have to collect ver. (If u r novice I think it make very confuse)

O.K. I have to use Fluent 4.5 and also use UFS (I don't know why Fluent 4.5 use Absoft pro fortran. In my country (Thailand) I never hear Absoft pro fortran and It so hard for order from USA:~~( )

Laika July 4, 2002 08:37

Re: CFB in Hot model with Fluent6.0
Fluent 4.5 can only handle structured meshes.

Fluent 5 and 6 can handle unstructured meshes, but not all the models were implemented for the unstructured solvers. In the future all the models should be available on unstructured meshes...

hope this future is very near.

Laika, still orbiting

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