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Torn July 6, 2002 15:18

deforming mesh
How to set any conditions for deforming mesh in fluent6. Have any one have moving and deforming mesh tutorial?



bonny July 7, 2002 05:28

Re: deforming mesh
hi,Torn What problem are you doing ? I need these tutorials too. But I did not find any.

Regards bonny

torn July 7, 2002 07:52

Re: deforming mesh
My problem is about flow in moving cylinder. I known fluent 4 with structure mesh can be work but I want use fluent 6.


anindya July 8, 2002 01:19

Re: deforming mesh
The Fluent 6.0 tutorials can be found at this website. ( There are a couple of moving grid tutorials. See chapter 10 (Using Sliding Meshes) on sliding grids and also chapters 7 and 8 of the Tutorial Guide. Also look at chapter 9 of User Guide(Modeling Flows in Moving Zones). Hope it helps.

torn July 8, 2002 06:26

Re: deforming mesh
thank you aninda. These tutorial files are moving grid tutorials but there are not deforming mesh guide.


pp July 8, 2002 09:58

Re: deforming mesh

You have this tutorials on

Regards, Pero

bonny July 9, 2002 03:59

Re: deforming mesh
hi,torn do you have fluent4.5 ? the model of moving and deforming mesh is a separate model, if you buy this model ,you can get these tutorials . but I have nothing.

I want to simulate the fuild flow in scroll compressor chamber ,it is similar to your problem, how about you ?

any advice is appreciated. bonny

Torn July 10, 2002 03:27

Re: deforming mesh
Hi Bonny, I think your research is so difficult. your mesh are moving and deforming. I don't know how to model geometry when the roter contact the stator. and I think both fluent 4(structured) and fluent 6 (unstructured) can not apply to this application but star-cd may be.

what is version of fluent that you used?

my advice may be incorrect, don't worry.


Chetan Kadakia July 12, 2002 03:19

Re: deforming mesh
Could you explain why your mesh needs to deform?

Duc July 12, 2002 18:37

Re: deforming mesh

I just started using Fluent last month, I will also be looking at dynamic meshing soon.

You can find deforming mesh tutorial guide in

If you don't have password, you'll need to email a request.



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