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Rob July 9, 2002 15:38

Forces with symmetry plane
Hello All,

I think I have a quick question that should be easily answerable. I modelled half of an aircraft using the 3-d Fluent solver and used a symmetry plane to mirror the geometry in order to save computational time. The forces output by Fluent, are they only half of the magnitude of the force that the whole body would have. Or does Fluent know that since you mirored the geometry about a symmetry plane that it should automatically double the forces?

I hope the question is clear.

Thank you in advance...Rob

Davide July 16, 2002 04:55

Re: Forces with symmetry plane
Hi Rob,

your problem is clear. Fluent calculate only one half of the whole force acting in your model . In fact, if you have a symmetric model in a symmetric flow you don't expect to have YAW force, but Fluent calculate this force different from 0.

I hope this help you. Davide.

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