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shao1 July 11, 2002 21:58

problems on species transport

I set a sample model of species transport with 3 species in a single liquid phase mixture. The three speceies are Benzene, Ethanol, and Water. I set a constant source depletion of Benzene, -0.02; a constant source production of Ethanol, 0.02; a constant mass source, 0.

I patch the initial mass fraction of 0.3 for Benzene, 0.02 for Ethanol. After a few time steps, both the mass fractions of Benzene and Ethanol descreased, with the mass fraction of Water increased at the same time. I was confused with the result, since I expect the mass fraction of Ethanol to increase, and the mass fraction of Water to be constant.

Please find the problem for me. Thanks!


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