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Eric R. July 12, 2002 16:42

Fluent case file into Gambit

In importing a Fluent 5/6 case file into Gambit 2.0, the only thing that I can really look at is the boundary conditions and single fluid volume. I cannot see any of the vertices/edges/faces/volumes that were used in the creation of the geometry.

Is there any way to ged rid of the boundary conditions and fluid volume and get the faces and volumes used in the decomposition? This is for taking existing Fluent case files and changing some things in Gambit (original geometry was created with Gambit too).

Any help/thoughts/notes/experiences would be appreciated.



Laika July 13, 2002 18:13

Re: Fluent case file into Gambit

the .cas file is created with a .msh file from gambit. A .msh-file only contains the mesh, not the geometry. If you read the mesh into gambit from a .cas-file, you therefore have no info about the geometry.

The easiest way is modifying the original Gambit .dbs-file, or to use the original gambit journal-file with modified dimensions.

Good luck,

Laika, still orbiting

Eric R. July 15, 2002 11:44

Re: Fluent case file into Gambit
Thanks Laika,

What if you don't have the original database (.dbs) file from Gambit - i.e. receiving file from another source to modify. I understand now that only the volume meshing is read backwards into Gambit, but there is no way possible to get a "geometry" with vertices/edges/faces..??

Is there a way to break up the boundary conditions into faces and continuum fluid into it's constitute volumes.

Still hopeful,

Eric R.

Laika July 16, 2002 03:54

Re: Fluent case file into Gambit
Just import your mesh (import -- mesh --type=fluent), and type 'reset mesh' in the command window. See what you have.

good luck,

Laika, still orbiting

madasu July 16, 2002 05:30

Re: Fluent case file into Gambit

I have more or less similar problem... I want to import a post-processor file from ansys into Gambit. I could find the option in Gambit to import a file from ansys , but the problem is I could not import the post processor file from ansys, i could only import the pre-processor file. do you have any solve my problem.

thanks in advance


Eric R. July 16, 2002 11:30

Re: Fluent case file into Gambit

Sorry, but I only work with Gambit and Fluent. I'm not familiar with ansys. Hope you can find some help.


hervé July 17, 2002 10:36

Re: Fluent case file into Gambit
Hi Eric,

I am not sure wether it will really help you, but here is what I have noticed myself:

In Gambit:

- select import/mesh/ and choose tgrid.

You'll have to "toggle" 3D or 2D, and specify the "feature angle" (use the default value).

As a result, you should get the original geometry, with all the vertices, faces and edges (though all virtual).

Bear in mind that, with a different value of the "feature angle", you could end up with more or less edges and faces.

This is my mere experience on the matter.


Eric R. July 17, 2002 14:11

Re: Fluent case file into Gambit
Thank you hervé, I'll give it a shot! Take care.


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