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Loganathan July 15, 2002 10:58

Translators to Gambit

This is regarding the data transfer from solid modeling packages to Gambit.

We are having I-deas as well as pro-E for solid modeling. We have license only for I-ges translator in I-deas.

I-ges and step for Pro-E.

I feel great difficulty in decomposing the geometry in gambit(This is after simplification of geometry in solid modeling packages like removing small surfaces and small edges).

Whether this is due to data translator?

If yes,then which is the cost-effective data translator to gambit?

I cann't think of modeling the fluid & solid domain in gambit itself,due to the complexity of the domain.

Regards, Log

Laika July 16, 2002 03:42

Re: Translators to Gambit

geometry export to Gambit can be a pain. Mostly because CAD-packages export messy files. Gambit is not a CAD-package, but it can handle a lot of files pretty well when you have some experience with the settings for importing from your specific cad-package (e.g. tolerance settings)

Gambit is a mesher. Your mesh will have nodes at the end of each edge. You should get rid of edges that are to small, that originated from contruction of the geometry or that belong to geometrical features you don't want to model in your cfd analysis.

This means that you mostly not can take a geometry file that is created for other purposes than cfd-analysis. Clean your files first, and export them afterwards.

For Pro-e there is a direct import into Gambit, without having to translate the files. I don't know the details of this.

Laika, still orbiting

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