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mukkarum July 16, 2002 23:00

Francis Turbine
we are going to purchase Fluent, we are working on Francis Turbine.FLUENT can solve problems of Francis Turbine or not.

pp July 18, 2002 04:49

Re: Francis Turbine

Sure. I'm working on simulating fluid flow through Francis turbine. Regards, Pero

Lanre July 18, 2002 15:24

Re: Francis Turbine
I just used "francis turbine" in Google and got this

Very nice looking piece of work!!

mukkarum July 18, 2002 23:10

Re: Francis Turbine
I have seen this report, i want to get basic knowledge about Francis Turbine & Hydraulic Turbine. Are these things are available on net.Can we download Research Papers from net about CFD, Francis Turbine, Tensor & Turbulence Modeling.

Lanre July 19, 2002 06:32

Re: Francis Turbine
The report answers your question in your original post. It is relatively detailed in the description of the modelling methodology. The details behind each the models employed are all in the common literature.

mukkarum July 20, 2002 00:31

Re: Francis Turbine
I want to know about Francis Turbine, how to design rotor and other thing & also about Hydraulic Turbine

mukkarum July 24, 2002 05:01

Re: Francis Turbine
Dear Sir I emailed you twice but you are not giving me answer, may i ask why you are not responding me.

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