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Puck July 20, 2002 00:07

finding exact temperature....Urgent..
Dear all,

Is there a way to find the temperature at a particular cell in the geometry drawn in gambit? Im trying to find the maximum temperature at an anuulus of a duct, where i have input volumetric heat generation. When i click at a certain point in the geometry after iteration, the results give me a range of values i.e (222, 224) this manner I was wondering whether there is any way i can find out the maximum temeperature in that particular annulus. Pls help..its urgent.. Thnks


david July 20, 2002 01:19

Re: finding exact temperature....Urgent..
If I understand your problem correctly: you want to find out the maximum temp of an unsteady case at a particular point, right ?

Create a point there, write a file which will save the temp as a function of time as solution continues..View the file, you will know the max temp at that point within that time interval.


Puck July 20, 2002 01:38

Re: finding exact temperature....Urgent..

Thnx for your prompt reply..But unfortunately mine is not unsteady flow.. Doi follow the same method?

david July 20, 2002 03:49

Re: finding exact temperature....Urgent..
If you have a steady state flow, why/how do expect Max temp at some point ??? !! Do you mean max temp during your iterations? Why do you need a max temp during your solution, it does not mean anything to me. If you really want to know, yes follow the same procedure and save the file for each iteration and check the temp vs iterations plot.


Karunakar July 21, 2002 16:08

Re: finding exact temperature....Urgent..
At the hot spot, create Iso-planes in horizontal and virtical directions using Plane and Iso-surface options in Fluent. This will show you the concentrated zone where you have high temperatures and by selecting few cells around it you can obtain the cell which has high temperature. Hope this will help you to some extent.

Ashu July 22, 2002 01:24

Re: finding exact temperature....Urgent..
Check maximum temperature on walls of the volumetric source by using report-> surfacei integral-> facet max ( temperature).

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