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Soma July 22, 2002 17:31

Surafce reaction on turbulent gas flow
Hi everyone

I am new user of fluent, and I just started using fluent 5.5. My problem is on modeling the combustion process (btn methane and air) in cylindrical reaction vessel. The process is designed to be premixed combustion process, supported by catalyst in order to lower the combustion ignition temp. and NOx formation.

But after reading the fluent's manual I realised that surface reaction is only suported for laminar flow in the fluent. So Please any one already encounted the same problem as I do?? and how you go about it??

I am thinking of introducing UDF for surface reaction in order to use with the turbulence code, is it possible to do so?? any one tried it before..??

I will appreciate if I get any responce which will enlight and easy my problem.

Thank you in adavance


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