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Dimitri July 25, 2002 10:13

Non manifold intersection zone

I'm working on the simulation of a car-park. I need to simulate the presence of a moving car and then, I'm using a sliding mesh. To improve the simulation, I've defined some boundary conditions to periodic but now, I'm obtaining the error message :

"non manifold-intersection zone 30".

Is anybody knowing what's the meaning of this ?



david July 25, 2002 13:59

Re: Non manifold intersection zone
Dimitri, Just trying to understand your problem: you are considering your car moving towards x direction (for example) and considering a periodic BC in the y direction, right ? So you have set exactly the same number of cells on the faces in the y direction ??


Dimitri July 26, 2002 02:20

Re: Non manifold intersection zone
First of all, thanks for your help.

I'm simulating a movement in the x direction and the periodics conditions are in the plane y-z. I've meshing it by gambit and, to put the periodic bc, I had to link these two faces.

The non-manifold intersection zone is an interface between the sliding mesh and an other fluid zone and then is in the plane x-y.


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