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Alamgir July 31, 2002 01:38

Compiler for UDF

I'm new in UDF, I've got a C code that I wanna introduce in Fluent for inlet velocity boundary condition. Which is the initial process, could anyone plz tell me. Where I need to code? Is there any builtin compiler in Fluent, if so how may I get into that? Help me?


Lanre July 31, 2002 01:50

Re: Compiler for UDF
Profile boundary conditions can only be implemented in FLUENT 5/6 using User-Defined Functions (UDF's). Take a look at the FLUENT 6 UDF Users Guide for examples on how this is done. Since you are familiar with C, it would be straightforward for you to translate your existing code into a FLUENT UDF.

Alamgir July 31, 2002 02:00

Re: Compiler for UDF
Thanks Lane, could u plz show me path, in that way I can get into the compiler or I need to code the program in my desktop the import to Fluent?


Lanre July 31, 2002 03:05

Re: Compiler for UDF
Go to the web site to find out what compiler you need for your platform. Then review the FLUENT documentation.

Rahul July 31, 2002 07:28

Re: Compiler for UDF
First thing you should include udf.h in c code. Then after opening fluent you go to define-> user defined->User defined function->interpreted

You will see menu for compiling. In that you have to give your udf file name with path. Most of fluent package will show default compiler (i.e. CC or cpp). You just compile your udf. Then in bc window you will able to see all functions you have defined in your UDF I hope this is useful to you. Rahul

Alamgir July 31, 2002 20:44

Re: Compiler for UDF
Thanksalot Rahul and Lanre, I'll follow that.


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