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Zhenan July 31, 2002 15:00

electrostatic force-UDF ?

Has anybody done modeling taking into account the electrostatic force on charged particles using UDF?

Lanre August 1, 2002 02:24

Re: electrostatic force-UDF ?
The magnitude of the electrostatic force is F_sub_E= qE, where E is the magnitude of the electric field and q is the charge on the particle. The electric field strength must be known. You can set constant or use a UDF to compute or apply a variable electric field.

See for a similar example with a magnetic force

Alamgir August 11, 2002 20:58

Re: electrostatic force-UDF ?

I'm also modelling taking into account the electrostatic force on charged particles using UDF, I'm at the very starting point. Zhenan, could you tell me which equation u r using?


zhenan li August 12, 2002 09:33

Re: electrostatic force-UDF ?

Thanks for your replying.

I am using UDF to modeling the Powder Coating System. This is my first time to add electrostatic field and add electric force to charged particles.

I added the field using UDS, and want to add the force with UDF.

The equation is F = E*Q. Currently I am thinking of the constant Q, and to add this in the function. E will be from the user defined scalar.

If it answers your question?


Alamgir August 12, 2002 20:06

Re: electrostatic force-UDF ?
Thanks for your reply. I'm modelling the particle tracking in drinking water with very low volume fraction. Do you count double layer effect on your modelling?


zhenan li August 13, 2002 08:31

Re: electrostatic force-UDF ?

My model is simple one. I do not consider that effect.

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