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Mavinakere August 2, 2002 13:54

Hi all, has anybody come across having split edges when you create volume.Intially when i have the surfaces,the edge is single and as soon as i make it volume i get a split edge in one of the can i avoid it?

Puck August 3, 2002 07:53

Re: GAMBIT help
im new to gambit also...But i was wondering how you make it into a volume with edges? in my case, i used edges,then formed a face(wireframe), then i drew another edge perpendicular to the face.. Use the face and the edge to "sweep face' in the volume command and u will get a volume.. I got a warning message saying faces arent connected but u can use the connect option to connect them..

I think this is the way..plz do keep me informed if u have a better method or if this method is wrong...


Mavinakere August 3, 2002 17:11

Re: GAMBIT help
Well,I wouldn't say it wrong though..the way i make it is make edges where you need to have surfaces and the make a surface out of the edges in any possible way ie,sweep,closed edge surface,skin surface or any other method available.and then join all the surfaces to create a perfect volume.thats all i can think of. Mavinakere

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