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Puck August 3, 2002 07:56

Symmetry in gambit...
Dear all,

Im trying to create symmetry planes in Gambit..right now,due to splitting a few volumes in my model, i specified onew particular zone with many faces as one symmetry..then i proceeded to do the same with the next section of my geometry.. I cant select the faces as a whole plane due to the faces being split.. I was wondering if this method is correct cos im iterating currently with this model... Need some reassurance..Thnk you..


Erwin August 3, 2002 13:07

Re: Symmetry in gambit...
Yup, is correct. Just display your grid to reassure yourself.

Puck August 4, 2002 01:20

Re: Symmetry in gambit...
okie..thnk you appreciate it..

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