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Monica August 5, 2002 14:41

Export grids from FLUENT
Hi All

I am trying to export grids from FLUENT 6.0 to use with a different CFD package. I am finding that both the CGNS and the PATRAN neutral formats are corrupt and do not work cleanly. The former has missing boundary information while the latter has only quad elements (no hexes). Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help. Monica

Joern August 5, 2002 17:05

Re: Export grids from FLUENT
Export it from tgrid. The conversion into tri and quad elements is just a very nice feature from the fluent people to prevent you from using other packages.

Monica August 6, 2002 08:46

Re: Export grids from FLUENT
Thanks for your help. I will try this.

John August 7, 2002 11:26

Re: Export grids from FLUENT
Out of curiosity, what other package are you trying to import the grid to?

Joern August 7, 2002 14:44

Re: Export grids from FLUENT
The funny thing: even fluent itself cannot reimport the previously exported mesh.

This "feature" is well known since many version of fluent but they are not willing to correct it.

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