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david August 5, 2002 19:20

Is there any difference between the followings:

1) In Gambit creating ONE zone, importing the grid by fluent, marking a zone and patching that zone as a fluid2 and rest fluid1 (for VOF calculation)

2) In gambit creating 2 different zones and patching these two zones.


Laika August 6, 2002 03:33

There is no difference, you can use both methods.

But be careful. If you make a register to patch (a region), then fluent will take a number of cells. Your region to patch can have a very strange shape if you have an unstructured mesh, or if the mesh does not follow the shape af the region you want to patch.

In a rectangular 2D-mesh, you cannot make a smooth circular region.

If this is of concern: use your second option.

Laika, still orbiting

david August 6, 2002 05:03

Laika, Thanks for your great and exact answer!! I was facing these situations and was in a dilema. DC

Laika August 6, 2002 07:31

glad I could help,

Laika, still orbiting

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