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Sheng August 6, 2002 23:18

Fuel blends Combustion

I am trying to use FLUENT to simulate combustion of coal-coal blends. I want to consider the volatile and char combustion for both coals. Can anybody kindly provide experience or advices.



Joezap August 21, 2002 14:26

Re: Fuel blends Combustion
I've not simulated multiple coal types but I'd be interesed in finding more about your approach. I think that you may create different coal types and assign each DPM injection a different coal type. If you can assume that the volatiles and char have similar LHV then perhaps the setup is simple. If however you need to use a different LHV for volatiles and char then you may have to use the three stream PDF approach, which is by the way, very computationally expensive. What type of combustion are you trying to simulate?

Sheng August 21, 2002 19:07

Re: Fuel blends Combustion
Hello, Joezap,

Thank you so much for your message. I am considering simulating combustion of fuel blends with two mixture fractions, fuel one mixture fraction. The composition of each fuel have to be defined empirically. Actually, Fluent provides only one or two mixture fractions. As applied to fuel blends combustion, even using two mixture fraction will lose the advantage of seperating volatile and char for each fuel. As you suggested, maybe it is better to using three PDF streams, but I don't know how to do it right now. Could you give me some advices?

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