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Sridhar August 14, 2002 16:05

Problem with Virtual Geometry
Dear Fluent Users,

My work involves to study flow simulations under the lawnmower deck assembly. The deck and blade geometry are generated seperatly using Pro-E . When I import them(Step files) into Gambit, both the volumes are real. I followed the cleaning process (merging faces and edges), where the real geometry is converted to virtual geometry. Now because both the deck and blade volumes are virtual, I cannot unite these two volumes(as you know boolean operations won't work for vitual geomentries). So what should I do inorder to combine these two virtual geometries?

Other question is, I want to delete the solid deck volume from the external domain,to get the region where I have to mesh(Fluid region). Because the deck part is virtual I cannot do the operation. I would really appreciate if anyone can suggest me how to handle these type of problems.



anna August 14, 2002 16:35

Re: Problem with Virtual Geometry
Hello Sridhar,

you can merge two virtual volumes. But, to create the volume around the blades (your fluid volume), you will have to either create it by picking existing faces (of existing merged volumes), or by splitting merged virtual volume with some virtual vertices (or faces ?) which could be painful process.


Leo August 14, 2002 16:40

Re: Problem with Virtual Geometry
I have a little experince with GAMBIT , but ive had that kind of problems too. My advise is: before you do the cleanup,do all the operations that can be done only with real geometry,then procced with the cleanup and merging .This will solve your problem . Hope this helps


Sridhar August 14, 2002 18:30

Re: Problem with Virtual Geometry
Thanks Anna and Leo.


LANDA ONOKOKO August 20, 2002 10:05

Re: Problem with Virtual Geometry

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