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Rupp Carriveau August 15, 2002 14:58

Progressively Finer Mesh

I have a simple geometry. I have a simple cone with a cylindrical void in it near the top where I spin a solid disk. I would like my mesh to get progressively finer as I approach the exit of the cone. My current uniformly spaced mesh is giving significant error near the cone exit (mesh is comparatively coarse there) and thus effecting the rest of my solution. Does anyone know a simple and easy way to progressively mesh the interior of the cone such that it is denser as you approach the exit? I am using Gambit V2.0 and Fluent 6.0.12.

Thanks for your help,


Alamgir August 15, 2002 21:21

Re: Progressively Finer Mesh
I think you could first go for boundary condition over the outer face (that goes thru flow direction) from exit to inlet with a growth factor more that 1. Then try for meshing that face and last go volume mesh.


Volker Pawlik August 16, 2002 04:47

Re: Progressively Finer Mesh
Try the new size function of GAMBIT 2. It should help if you are using tetrahedrals.

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