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Julie August 21, 2002 00:14

Mixture Properties-auto update by Fluent?
Hi all,

If I create a new mixture out of the species that have already been created in the database, for example, ammonia and air, or carbon dioxide and air, there are values that are present in properties in the mixture material panel.

Are these values automatically updated by Fluent right after I have specify my mixture constituents, or do I need to find out the properties on my own and update the values in the panel?

Because when I play around using differnt species that forms my mixture, I get the same values for the properties of the mixture in the material panel no matter what species I used. For example, I get the same value for mass diffusivity and other properties for the mixtures of ammonia+air and co2+air.

Please Help coz I really am not sure!! Thanks.

Jin-Wook LEE August 23, 2002 22:40

Re: Mixture Properties-auto update by Fluent?
Fluent's default value for the properties is the value at the room temperature. The default value is automatically updated. You can change them by using the various options, e.g., special function of temperature, provided by Fluent.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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