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Julie August 23, 2002 02:27

Please help!!-Plot monitors show 0 concentration!!

I'm trying to model the removal of a ammonia gas source in a room using patch.The initial concentration of ammonia gas is very small about 40mg/m^3 of concetration. The model is transient.

However when I monitor the change in concentration in ammonia gas in the room with time, the plots are in kg/m^3 units hence the y axis showing concentration of ammonia gas in kg/m^3 becomes 0.000. How can I change the units in the monitors such that I can see the values of 40 mg/m^3 or 0.04g/m^3 instead of 0.000 for the y axis.

Please help!!!!!! thanks.

Julie August 23, 2002 12:18

Re: Please help!!-Changing units or Decimal places
ok, i just want to rephase my question.

the value of about 40mg/m^3 is what I want the concentration of ammonia gas to be in a room. So using the value of density of ammonia gas given in fluent, I calculate the volume of the region to be patched with ammonia gas.

However since using monitors to plot conc of ammonia gas with time, it is in kg/m^3. But 40mg/m^3= 0.00004kg/m^3. But the y axis of the plot is only up to 4 decimal places thus it showed 0.0000 for all the values in my y-axis.

Is there a way to display the y axis to at least up to 6 or more decimal places so that I can see the how the values of ammonia gas decreases with time.

I tried changing the units of density to g/m^3 from kg/m^3 by a factor of 1e-3. But when press iterate, there is an error, which prompts me to use only the units given in fluent, that is either kg/m^3 or g/cm^3.

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