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Rex August 26, 2002 05:36

Symmetry Question

I'm currently working on 3D pipe flow problems, and, in order to reduce computation time, I've modelled this as a half pipe with a plane of symmetry. When reporting values such as pressure drop, should I have to double the value which Fluent reports to get meaningful numbers?



sri August 26, 2002 14:20

Re: Symmetry Question
Hi Rex,

You needn't do that.Just a piece of advice.Would it not be more efficient to model the case as an axisymmetric problem?

Regards, sri

Rex August 27, 2002 03:46

Re: Symmetry Question

What are the differences when setting the BC to symmetry as opposed to axisymmetric?


sri August 27, 2002 11:17

Re: Symmetry Question
Hi Rex,

Axisymmetric ==>2d model of a 3d problem.

where as symmetry bc can be used either in 2d or in 3d.


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