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Yuehui Qin August 26, 2002 14:12

Connected faces in Gambit
Hello all Fluent experienced users,

I am a new user of Fluent and am now working on a project dealing with film cooling using hemispherical (quarter hemisphere) cavities. The geometry is a simple channel with three cavities on two of the symmetrical walls, totallly 6 cavities. Each of the cavities was split into half, and meshed individually using Tet premitive scheme with Hex elements.The octant was then copied using reflex to create a quarter hemisphere. By the way, I created one cavity and then copied it to other 5 locations.

I have been able to create the grid in Gambit, but problem occur when I imported the grid to Fluent 6.

************************** Building...

grid,WARNING: no face with given nodes. Thread 2, cell 122482 Error: Build_Grid: grid error.

Clearing partially read grid. ***************************

I figured out it's because I connected two overlapping faces when the cavity volume was attached to the channel.( Without connecting the faces, Fluent will automatically take that face as wall.) The puzzling part is it works fine for the three cavities on one side, but didn't work for the other three at the symmetrical side.

Could anyone experienced in Fluent give me some suggestions?

Thanks in advance

anna August 27, 2002 04:56

Re: Connected faces in Gambit
i have met this kind of problem before, maybe you have chosse a fault solver,or some mistakes occured when you mesh them.

Alamgir September 25, 2002 19:46

Re: Connected faces in Gambit
U should do copy/paste before any type of meshing, and all geometry connected before meshing, after meshing u r not permitted to change its entity.


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