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Glenn August 27, 2002 13:44

Gambit (boundary layer)

I have a boundary layer put around a cylinder (2D) in Gambit. However the connection between the outer edge of the boundary layer and the normal mesh around it do not link up. Is this just a graphics problem or will it cause inaccuracies in my calculations?? thanks very much glenn

Gavin August 28, 2002 04:52

Re: Gambit (boundary layer)
I have noticed that before. Swithch off your boundary layer and look at the mesh only, it should adopt the scheme (or very close to it)of the boundary layer close to the wall. I think its purely graphical, as it has caused me no problems in the past.

varghese August 28, 2002 11:28

Re: Gambit (boundary layer)

An edge meshing before the boundary layer application may help to have a better view.

Alamgir September 26, 2002 01:05

Re: Gambit (boundary layer)
u can also check the mesh bye examining; before that u could check after boundary layer off.


Glenn September 26, 2002 07:09

Re: Gambit (boundary layer)
I found that what I needed to do was: Create b.l., mesh edges, faces, etc. as normal Then delete the boundary layer (it will actually still be there) Then delete the face (but click off 'delete lower geometry' only want to delete the actual face mesh) And then, just mesh the face again (just use mesh face). The points for the boundary layer are still there but now the mesh is aligned with the boundary layer. This does actually make a difference but it is very small.

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