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Deadly August 28, 2002 01:38

regarding solid continuum...
DEar all,

Im modelling conjugate heat transfer in a contracting duct, with small annular disc-like volumes fixed inside the contracting duct(modelling a hair-dryer actaully). The disc-like volumes are the heat sources and im required to put in volumetric heat generation in the discs. I created this model in GAMBIT...and defined the discs as solids and the rest of the volume as fluid(air). After iterating, i realise that my temeprature are heating really high..around 2800K!..which is impossible as the material im using is aluminium..Im told it should only go up to around a few 100K. Wht should i do to decrease the amount of temperature? Do i have to define the solids as wall instead? Cos i read from Gambit tutorials tht defining them as solid, only enables conduction inside the convection. Plz help...


wei August 28, 2002 18:09

Re: regarding solid continuum...
Hi, Puck:

I think the problem you met in your case is due to the non-conformal mesh you may have generated. Please read the Fluent online help about conformal/non-conformal mesh.


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