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david August 28, 2002 19:39

Particle Trajectory
Please advice if you have any experience with the following situations:

A) Particle trajectory (Lagrangian) in Fluent when the particle size is bigger than cell size. How Fluent handle this? B) The effect of surface tension of the particles. How to account this effect in Fluent?

Will be eagerly waiting for any constructive suggestion from anyone, particularly if you are working for Fluent software.


Jin-Wook LEE August 29, 2002 00:03

Re: Particle Trajectory
Fluent does not matter how much bigger the particle size is. Fluent tracks the trajectory of big size particle same way as small size particle.

So, I think that tracking of particle for such a big size is the last choice when you have no alternatives.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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