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Henry August 29, 2002 09:28

a cooling problem-badly need help

I am modeling a cooling problem which is related to a hexahedral zone,the inflow is a fan blowing air inside,the opposite, left and right faces are outflow,and the top and bottom faces are wall.In the zone is a nickel helix of which the initial temperature is 373K.I would like to examine how the helix's temperature varies with time.I know this is a problem related with radiation,convection,conduction and turbulence flow.But it seems so difficult to model.I tried to define the wall of helix as coupled and the helix as solid(unable to define the initial temperature),but when I used the segregated implicit unsteady solver,initiated and computed from the inflow of 300K or from the wall-helix of 373K,the wall remains a constant temperature of 300K or 373K.How can I solve this?And how can I define the solid helix so that it can act in conduction and convection correctly?I will apreciate your help very much.

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