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anna August 30, 2002 05:43

why fluent can not work?
when i read my gambit file into FLUENT,error message is shown on the FLUEN window: "Building...

grid, Note: Separating wall zone 7 into zones 7 and 8. Warning: %thread-separate-notify: thread 8 already exists. WARNING: no face with given nodes. Thread 1, cell 8 Error: Build_Grid: grid error.

Clearing partially read grid. " I have check the mesh work in gambit, find no error, why this happen?

Gavin August 30, 2002 06:39

Re: why fluent can not work?
Go back to Gambit and connect all vertices/edges/faces. Then try it again. If it still does not work check your boundary conditions and make sure they are appropriate. If that still doesn't work you may have corrupt geometry, was it and IGES import, did you clean it up? Hope that helps. Good luck.

anna August 30, 2002 07:02

Re: why fluent can not work?
dear Gavin, so grateful for your help! but i draw the model beginning with all vertices/edges/faces are connected. what is "IGES import"means? thank a lot for ur further help,

Gavin August 30, 2002 08:23

Re: why fluent can not work?
'IGES import' could be like a CAD drawing, basically a geometry created in another package for example. Then you imort it in. But do not worry about it now. Its obviously a geometric problem, how many volumes do you have? If you have more than one, are you sure they are correctly merged/united? Explain your geometry in more detail please, and I may be able to help. Sometimes, if your geometry did not take long to create and mesh, its easier to start again, but you must decide that. But explain in more detail please.

sri September 1, 2002 10:49

Re: why fluent can not work?
Hi anna,

did you make a geometry and grid check in gambit.i feel the problem is with the skewness of the mesh on your volumes.

hope this helps you!


ali September 3, 2002 09:35

Re: why fluent can not work?

check your B.C in gambit you should asigne corectly any interface or interor faces between your domains if you have more than one domain like two fluids or one fluid and sold.

have fun with fluent

varghese September 3, 2002 12:38

Re: why fluent can not work?
Dear Anna,

Some time earlier I had a similar problem. I read the same mesh file more than once and it resolved the problem. Later I found that it has to do with the computor I was using. Not a scientific solution.. but may work for you.



anna September 3, 2002 23:00

Re: why fluent can not work?
+ thanks, all dear friends. i have changed my geometry model into a simple one. it can be import to FLUENT,but the combustion temperature is not high. the original one is a little complex, a rectangle, as burning chamber, connected with some cylinders as nozzels.i used the default mesh model-cooper one,but transcript always show a warn about a uncorrect mesh.

why this happen?

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