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Shankar August 30, 2002 11:27

unnecessary wall(bc)-help needed
In my geometry there are 2 volumes like a pipe (1 volume) opening in to a container(2nd volume).After meshing, in the first volume the tip of the pipe by default(when the mesh is exported to fluent) is set as wall(boundary condition), but clearly that shouldnt be a wall.Any suggestions?Thanks. Shankar.

Taher August 31, 2002 14:13

Re: unnecessary wall(bc)-help needed
Sure you must specify that boundary as interior manually .

david September 1, 2002 04:34

Re: unnecessary wall(bc)-help needed
If you don't specify the interface between two fluid volumes, by default gambit used to consider this as an interior. Funny thing is this feature doesn't work in the latest version of Gambit sometimes.


Shankar September 2, 2002 18:29

Re: unnecessary wall(bc)-help needed
Thanks to both of you.I tried to specify it as "interior" manually, but when exported Fluent says that particular face cannot be specified as "interior".:(

david September 3, 2002 02:48

Re: unnecessary wall(bc)-help needed
ha ha this is the latest beauty of gambit !! Try try again and again !! DC

varghese September 3, 2002 12:27

Re: unnecessary wall(bc)-help needed
Dear Shankar,

I would suggest you to carefully check the connectivity of the two volumes. When they are not really connected, an unnecessary face is formed, in between.This usually occurs when you split the geometries.



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