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Mark September 2, 2002 11:55

Thesis writing
Hi all,

Anybody out there who can recommend a good website for searching research Master's thesis? Just want to get an idea of the structure of the write up.



Gavin September 3, 2002 04:07

Re: Thesis writing
Your university should specify the layout and structure from indexing to font. I am sure you will find something on your uni website.

Mark September 3, 2002 05:17

Re: Thesis writing
I am the first student to do a cfd masters in this college, my project is cfd and combustion. So i was more interested in the layout of the cfd and combustion aspect, i.e. combustion and cfd, cfd techniques, etc. Any help is much appreciated.

Regards, Mark.

Gavin September 4, 2002 05:50

Re: Thesis writing
What I basically did was:

1. Summary (outlining objectives/findings)

2. Acknowledgements.

3. Table of Contents

4. Nomenclature


5. Introduction: describe what CFD is, its uses and application ot present work. Describe your problem here.

6. Literature review: on papers of similar work, experimantal work (validation)

7. Solution procedure: CFD methods, Discretization, FVM, Solvers etc

8. Turbulence Modelling: (or combustion models in your case)from first principles describe the equations and solutiuon process, also address BL solution if appropriate.(you may need to discuss some of the chemistyr involved here)

9. Virtual Geometry: discuss how the geom was idealised and created in gambit (not too much detail), show some diagrams with and without mesh.

10. Boundary Conditions: self explanatory


11. Results: slices, plots, pathlines etc for all your cases.

12. Discussion of results: whats going on, sources of error, mesh independence etc.

13. Conclusion:Bullet points of findings

14. Further consideration: perhaps some further research that could be carried out as a result of what you have found, or if you had more time


15. References:

16. Appendix: any complex calculations you have done

Mark September 4, 2002 06:14

Re: Thesis writing
That was exactly what i was looking for, thank you very much.


Gavin September 4, 2002 09:49

Re: Thesis writing
Np problem, was in the same boat myself last year. What course are you doing and where?

Mark September 4, 2002 10:37

Re: Thesis writing
I am work on a cfd analysis of a rotary kiln. In the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. As i am the first to do a cfd masters (that i know of anyway) in DIT i have to learn it the hard way with nothing to compare it to, so your advice is much appreciated. Where did you do your work?

Regards, Mark.

sri September 5, 2002 12:44

Re: Thesis writing
Hi Mark,

Did your work involve code development or using some commerial software to validate experimental results?

Regards, sri

Mark September 5, 2002 15:24

Re: Thesis writing
Hi Sri,

I am using Fluent to analysis an existing kiln to try and recommend improvements that could be made to optimise the fuel consumption.



Gavin September 6, 2002 05:15

Re: Thesis writing
Mark, done my degree in QUB and my Msc CFD in leeds, but i'm from Meath. I was not aware you could do CFD in the republic.

Mark September 6, 2002 05:20

Re: Thesis writing

It's pretty hard to get a cfd masters here alright, i was lucky. I was at the right place at the right time. But i was planning to go to leeds if i hadn't got this. Did you manage to get a job in cfd here in Ireland?

An Modh Coinniolach September 6, 2002 06:02

Re: Thesis writing
There are lots of people doing CFD in the University of Limerick. One the last people to leave here got a CFD job in the Republic.

Gavin September 9, 2002 04:36

Re: Thesis writing
I had a look for a job in Ireland, but could not get one, there are many in the UK, all different applications, motorsport and process being most popular I think. CFD seems to be affiliated with Aero Eng in ireland i.e. LU and QUB, but unfortuantely we dont have much industry in that sector.

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