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mahdi September 8, 2002 05:10

the body force weighted schem is one of the methods for pressure discretizing. so if any one has some information about this method please anouance me.

sri September 13, 2002 10:34

Re: Body-force-method

The body force method is used where body forces like gravity etc are present in the domain.Especially natural convection problems require this method.PRESTO is similar to body force method except for it is more valid for quad or hex meshes.

hope this helps you !


mahdi September 17, 2002 02:31

Re: Body-force-method
Thanks for your responce. I read your message, but what I wanted is the method and the equation and other parameters for defining the method. If you do have some informations, I would be thanked

sri September 17, 2002 13:17

Re: Body-force-method
Hi Mahdi,

This method is already available in Fluent,you have to just select it.


mahdi September 23, 2002 03:40

Re: Body-force-method
I do know ,I wanted the scheme in detail to become more familiar with the method.

wxmoore January 23, 2013 10:18

I agree with using the Body Force Weighted Method for pressure discretization when strong natural convection buoyancy forces are present due to high Raleigh Number flow. However, what about the case in which there are gravitational forces with both high and low molecular weight gases and with an inverted temperature condition in which the roof of the enclosure has a fixed temperature of say 40 Deg.C and the floor has fixed temperature of 20 Deg.C. In that case there will be little if any bouyancy driven flow, just a thermally stratified layer of stagnant flow. This has caused us to have very difficult issues with convergence when trying to use a turbulent k-epsilon model.

Any suggestions?


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