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anna September 9, 2002 05:57

how about NOx model
hi,all friends,

i have solved gambit mesh problem. and import my combustion geometry model to FLEUNT, and the result of burning chamber temperature is very good.

but another problem appears, when i use NOx model to caculate the pollutant.

error appears in main command such as "Error: unable to acquire a license for the pollutants model. Could not check out fluent-nox: No such feature exists Feature: fluent-nox License path: c:\flexlm\license.dat; FLEXlm error: -5,357 For further information, refer to the FLEXlm End User Manual, available at ""."

species:methane-air average temperature in chamber is 1900íŠ

why this happen? so grateful for your helps,

Sid September 10, 2002 19:28

Re: how about NOx model
Hi Anna, I been through a similar problem and a possible solution lies with in the license file. A path combination given by fluent to enable your NOx license is coded and typically gets updated with your license file and read in by the license server.

Once the correct license path for the NOx post processor is placed correctly in your license file the message should disapear.

Hope this will help!


anna September 11, 2002 05:31

Re: how about NOx model
hi,Sid thank u for ur great help i will try.

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