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MON September 10, 2002 17:29

Reading data file
Hi, I 'am writing some UDFs for specifying some thermal boundary conditions under transient case (for example ,heat loss to ambiant, evaporation,....).However , these conditions are changing with time -we use mostlty meterological data (ambiant temperature,sky tem humidity...)witch are presented under tabular form at fixed intervals(every Dt hours). Please can you telle me what is the best procedure to read these data?

Thank you very much. Please advice me.

For Example (Tabular file)

Temps Humid(%) Tambiamt 1H 70 280 2H 80 290 3H 50 285 4H 90 78 .. . . . . . . . .

Heat loss for ambiamt:

HL(T=i:1..n)=F(Humid)*(T_face-Tambiant) for calculing HL i write a UDF Profile

I want to read tabular file and compile the UDF(profiole UDF) .(these conditions are changing with time -we use mostlty meterological data) . Thank you

Jidongcn September 10, 2002 21:53

Re: Reading data file

sri September 13, 2002 10:31

Re: Reading data file

As I understand,you want to read a transient data file into Fluent.This can be done through a transient profile file.The data has to be in a specified format required by fluent.


MON September 16, 2002 13:25

Re: Reading data file
Hi Sri, Yes ,i want to read a transient data file into Fluent.but I need some more details to write UDF profile. Please ca n you read , or let me some infdormation about (a transient profile file)specfied format for file data


MON September 20, 2002 14:25

Re: Reading data file
Hi Sir i found the transient profile file but in my cse i can't use because inneed a function toi calculing losses heat as a function, thank you for your help

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