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Shankar September 11, 2002 13:22

Whats is a shadow-wall -help
Hello all

In the geometry I am dealing with now, which is a pipe opening into a container, both the volumes being "Fluid" zones, there is a shadow wall created for this pipe by default.What is a shadow wall and does this affect the calculations?Thanks. Shankar.

Gavin September 12, 2002 05:02

Re: Whats is a shadow-wall -help
Hi, are both volumes connected correctly? Merge vertices/edges/faces then see if it changes. I have had this problem before, and could not get rid of it, so I just set the shadow face to "interior" in the fluent boundary conditions, and it was fine. Hope that helps?

Ashu September 13, 2002 01:38

Re: Whats is a shadow-wall -help
A all between two continuum is divided while reading into fluent. One wall would be the shadow wall. If the two continuum are same then it becomes interior. These two walls help in applying separate boundary conditions - like emissivity towards the fluid side of the wall. Shadow wall is also a check for internal walls created correctly or not!

You can intentionally start with a wall for any face and if the continuum are same material both sides, you can convert them into interior etc as per requirement in Fluent.

Hope this helps.


Shankar September 13, 2002 17:20

Re: Whats is a shadow-wall -help
Thanks both of you. Shankar.

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