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Tej September 11, 2002 23:08

Need Help-Model Thermal-Fluid-Multiphase interact
Hi all, need to know...if fluent can deal with multiphase fluid flow, thermal interaction, structural anslysis, and moving boundaries...all together.....

I have a complex problem....simulation of water pouring over a hot surface...evaporation...and guided thru channels......and the area there water falls on the plate is changing.....the heated plate is in cyclic heating and cooling process...and causes the vaporisation of water.....the fluid is water and steam mixture...thermal stresses induces in the hot plate due to cyclic heating and cooling...

can anyone help me..with any input on me to anyone who has done something similar....or anyone from fluent ...out here.....whome i can interact with......

Thanks in advance...


sri September 13, 2002 10:09

Re: Need Help-Model Thermal-Fluid-Multiphase inter
MULTIPHASE+THERMAL BOUNDARIES+MOVING BOUNDARIES can be tackled,but not structural analysis.


rahmat October 6, 2002 03:59

Need help Multiphase
I want to make a model of expansion process, staurated liquid to mixture between vapor and liuid. Wich kind of model should I use? and hw to use it? please tell me step by step. If I had refrigerant as the fluid, how to add the properties at the material database?


Alamgir October 8, 2002 06:39

Re: Need help Multiphase
You should have a look the manual of the Fluent6 for multiphase selection, but could look the VOF model, or Mixture with cavitation. Before goin' any process, read the matterials. chapter 18, if you don't have the file just say me. this file is with me.


rahmat October 14, 2002 23:39

Re: Need help Multiphase
Tahnks for your help. I need the file which contains help for using multiphase model. Please send me via email. If the file is large, you can send it to my other email address;


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