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Alexandre September 13, 2002 03:03

Dynamic mesh & Multiphase
Hi all,

I want to use the dynamic mesh (dynamic layering) and the multiphase mixture model.

As soon as I want to activate the dynamic mesh I receive a segmentation violation fatal message.

Anyway, the dynamic mesh part of the problem is working properly in a 1-phase system.

Is there a limitation regarding the use of mixture and DM features? I use the 6.020 version and it seemed (as far as I can remember) to work with 6.012.

Any suggestion or experience to share ?

sri September 13, 2002 08:52

Re: Dynamic mesh & Multiphase
There is no limitation that dynamic mesh can't be used with mixture model.


Alexandre September 13, 2002 09:10

Re: Dynamic mesh & Multiphase
That's what I also heard from the support.

Anyway, I suspect my UDF to bug.

Is it correct to use this kind of UDF in multiphase flow ?

t = DT_THREAD ((Dynamic_Thread *)dt);

/* compute pressure force on body by looping through all faces */

begin_f_loop (f, t)


i+=1; /* number of faces taken into account */

F_AREA (A, f, t);

ptot+= F_P (f, t);


end_f_loop (f, t)

sri September 13, 2002 11:35

Re: Dynamic mesh & Multiphase
will you post the whole udf,just to have a look at the declaration of variables.


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