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Rupp Carriveau September 16, 2002 15:26

Inquire adjacent threads error
I have a simple laminar model created in Gambit v2.0 and Fluent v6.0.12. Its only unique features are a sizing function for the volume mesh and a spinning solid disk in water that requires a grid interface. Fluent accepts my .msh from Gambit happily, then runs the model and converges with what seems to be decent results. I then save both .cas and .dat files. When I attempt to reload them to make adjustments to the model, Fluent reads everything in then rejects it saying, "Error: Inquire-adjacent-threads: wrong type argument[1] (thread)" and, "Error Object: 0"

Has anyone seen these errors, and if so, knows how to deal with them?

Thanks for your time,


Chandan Sarkar September 19, 2002 08:55

Re: Inquire adjacent threads error
I don't know about your geometry. Might be problem is in your creating of geometry i.e. the meshing is not continuous. u can check by creating external or internal b.l. as required in junction of two vol.s

Goodstuff February 8, 2015 12:16

I know that this post was published long ago, but it's the only one regarding this error. Anyway, in my case I had to supress contact connections (I did it in Ansys Meshing), so if anyone has this problem, I can recommend trying that.

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