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kevin-change September 17, 2002 10:53

binary diffusion coefficient
Dear my friend ~ recently . i wrote a lot of the FLUENT's code to encounter great difficult . Who can help me to solve this trouble ??

My model includes two sepecies(respectively hydrogen ĦB water vapor ) i must write a subroutine to modify the binary diffusion coefficient on my program . Dij(x,y)=3.64e-8*((Pci*Pcj)**0.33)*((1/Mi+1/Mj)**0.5)/((Tci*Tcj)**0.4826)/P

Dij(x,y)--pseudo binary diffusion coefficient of species i in mixture j (m2/s) Pci or Pcj-- critical pressure of species i or j(Pa) Tci or Tcj-- critical temperature of species i or j(K) Mi or Mj -- molecular weight of i or j (kg/mol) ..............

Duraivelan.D September 30, 2002 02:37

Re: binary diffusion coefficient
I can try to solve this problem..But you have to say me how you follow a procedure to enable species transport in mixing tanks.. I find transport even if i patch the whole tank with. same mass fraction. Regards Duraivelan.D

kevin-change October 1, 2002 06:02

Re: binary diffusion coefficient
ok !!~~ you can explain a detail request to me . thanks for your help . .. . As i suggest , you can write a program to finish this subject ..


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