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Pravesh Kumar September 19, 2002 08:25

Interpreted UDF ERROR
hi While compiling my UDF it is giving error. line 34: parse error.

Anybody having idea about it. Thanks

Chandan Sarkar September 19, 2002 08:47

Re: Interpreted UDF ERROR
sorry I have no idea.

Pravesh Kumar September 19, 2002 08:53

Re: Interpreted UDF ERROR
Anybody having idea what parse error means.

Piran September 19, 2002 14:13

Re: Interpreted UDF ERROR
"Parse" stands for converting the C-code to a format which the compiler understands. You might have written a mistake in your UDF or the UDF uses code which can not be used for a interpreted UDF. You should then try to use it as a compiled UDF.

ugur September 19, 2002 22:49

Re: Interpreted UDF ERROR
Check and see if you're missing any semi-colons or parathesis...


MON September 21, 2002 22:30

Re: Interpreted UDF ERROR
hi line 34: parse error.there is a mistake in you UDF line 34.You should try to found a error

Duraivelan.D September 30, 2002 02:30

Re: Interpreted UDF ERROR
Hi, The error comes when you don't have any code file in the directory Or if you have any syntax error.. see if you have left any ; anywhere.. always compile the code file in the fluent case file location

Hope this Helps Duraivelan.D

Pravesh Kumar October 2, 2002 05:18

Re: Interpreted UDF ERROR
Thanks It Worked out.

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