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Stan Cornhole September 23, 2002 06:39

Fluent errors
Hi there, Can enyone esle substantiate a problem we seem to be having in our office. We recently moved stuff (i.e. PCs etc around), now we find that Gambit and Fluent are producing a plethora of random errors, e.g.

Gambit just disappears (with none of the usual messages about sending files to distributer)

Bus errors, segment violets in Fluent, CAR errors, display errors not pairs etc and on.

The situation has become untolerable - has anyone any suggestions (apart from), give up, accept the best of life is past and that there are no new problems to solve in science.


Depressed and Frustrated.

Erwin September 23, 2002 07:39

Re: Fluent errors
Check your hardware, especially RAM chips. The biggest trouble I have had in the past was with large chips losing contact under influence of thermal stress (turning computers on/off) or simply moving it too much/roughly.

Desmond De-loutouche September 23, 2002 08:08

Re: Fluent errors
I have noticed this on a system I used to be Sys. Ad for. Moved a whole batch of Unix boxes to a hotter (more direct sunlight) part of the office, and the little mokies played all sorts of heck, falling over, RAM problems esp. leading to many memory related problems for users.

Can't really offer any further help, apart from suggesting that you hold machines horizontal when moving them to stop data falling off the edge of the disk.


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