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Chetan Kadakia September 23, 2002 16:31

Parallel Processing for students
Hi. I am using a Fluent with a University License. Does anyone know if I have parallel processing capabilities? And if I do, how do I work it?

pp September 24, 2002 03:24

Re: Parallel Processing for students
Look in your license file if you have parallel feature (fluent-par).



Piran September 24, 2002 03:54

Re: Parallel Processing for students
Is that with a "locked" license for one machine? Because we have a server with floating licenses and can use parallel processing and the license file does not contain fluent-par. If you have more than one license you should be able to use parallel processing, because every processor will simply use up a license.

Shankar October 1, 2002 12:13

Re: Parallel Processing for students
And how do we do that Piran, parallel processin with more than 1 license?Thanks. Shankar.

Piran October 1, 2002 12:58

Re: Parallel Processing for students
If you have a multi-processor machine or a network of pc's you can use the parallel solver. You set up the case file as usually, but at the end you partition the grid. You save the case and restart Fluent but in parallel mode. Every processor starts a Fluent session (hence you use up one license per processor) and takes care of a certain part of the grid. You should check the manual because it differs a lot depending whether you use a smp-machine or a network and which platform you are running under.

Shankar October 1, 2002 13:09

Re: Parallel Processing for students
Thanks Piran Its a network of Unix machines(sun operating sys) Shankar.

Jimmy October 9, 2002 09:05

Re: Parallel Processing for students
Fluents licences is defined for a number of PROCESSORS, so if you want t o use it in parallel you need to acquire as much licences as processors you have.

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