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L. Zhu September 23, 2002 16:39

How to get residence time in FLUENT
Hi everyone:

How to get the data of the residence time of fluid (in single phase flow) in the calcualtion domain? The time may be displayed from Display/ Pathline. But how to get the value of time at different locations at the outlet of the domain. I need these numbers for further analysis.

Thanks a lot!

lax September 27, 2002 10:12

Re: How to get residence time in FLUENT
hi, i am also instrested in that. help in this regard is appreciated. bye

Jin-Wook LEE October 4, 2002 03:01

Re: How to get residence time in FLUENT
How about to use 'Particle Track', which I use very frequently to check residence time.

The particle should be,

1)small enough, e.g., 1.e-09 meter, and 2) density is similar or very low compared to the gas phase density,

in order to prevent slip between gas phase and particle. That is to say, particle trajectories shoud be nearly identical to those of pathlines, because your purpose is to see pathline not particle track.

In particle track display options, you can have much information about residence time and residence time distribution.

Sincerely, Jinwook

L. Zhu October 4, 2002 09:53

Thanks, Jin-wook

Thank you very much! I will try the Particle Track! L. Zhu

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