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June September 27, 2002 15:23

I have this error when i do my simulations. what does is mean? "divergence detected in AMG solver: temperature"

How to i manipulate the pressure, density, body force, momentum, liquid fraction update, and energy under-relaxation factors to improve my convergence?

Please help.

sri September 29, 2002 00:58

Re: Divergence
try to decrease the under relaxation factors in case of segregated solver,courant number in case of coupled solver.


June October 1, 2002 11:28

Re: Divergence
How do the INDIVIDUAL under-relaxation factors 1) Pressure 2) Density 3) Body Force 4) Momentum 5) Liquid Fraction Update 6) Energy

work towards convergence. By reducing, what should be the correct combination. Like for example, in the Fluent manual, it is suggested that the pressure should be set to 0.2 and momentum 0.5

Please help. I cannot get the simulations to converge.

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