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MON October 4, 2002 13:07

Hi every body ! for my UDF (Define_source) i use several "printf()" for debugging. when my UDF is interpreted it work. but, when i run it i see nothing. how can i print things to screen. is there another way to debug an UDF? I work in (Pc win nt4, ntx86) of everybody? thanks and excuse my poor english ************************************************** *****#include"udf.h" #define mu 0.8 /*mu coefficient d<attenuation du spectre solaire*/ DEFINE_SOURCE(cell_Source,cell,thread,dS,eqn)


face_t f;

FILE *fichier;

double source,y,t,time[47],Hs[47];

real x[ND_ND];

int i;


fichier= fopen("Source1.txt","r");/* read data file*/


printf("\n temp=%lf \n",t);


for (i =0; i<48 ;i++)

fscanf(fichier,"%lf %lf",&time[i],&Hs[i]);

if ( (time[i] <= t) && (t < time[i+1]) )


source = 0.6 * Hs[i]* mu *exp(-mu*(2.2-y));

dS[eqn]=0; printf("\n\n i=%lf time=%lf Hs=%lf So=%lf \n",i,time[i],Hs[i],source); }


return source;


Keil October 7, 2002 06:20

Re: Print

The printf is invalid command on PC . You have to use message command. see below.

message("\n\n i=%lf time=%lf Hs=%lf So=%lf \n",i,time[i],Hs[i],source);



Keil October 8, 2002 02:43

Re: Print
Oops!. the message is Message, m is a capital.


MON October 9, 2002 10:13

Re: Print
Hi Keil you can use printf or message to print things to screen . i found my mistake .(i shoud define C_CENTROID(x,cell,thread); in the loup if. Thank you very much

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