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Ahmed Khattab October 4, 2002 16:08

Vacuum with two-phase flow
Hi everybody,

I already used FLUENT to model the injection of resin inside a mold, which contains carbon fiber mat, as a two-phase flow through a porous media. The mold is simulated in a 2D as a rectangle with an inlet port on the right side and vent port on the left side. The injection of resin is considered as a two-phase flow, where the volume fraction of the injected resin is one and the volume fraction of air inside the mold, before the injection, is also one. In order to track the resin-air interface the volume of fluid (VOF) model is used. The transient time terms are considered. There is a very good agreement between this model and the previous experimental results. BUT NOW I want to apply VACUUM inside the mold from the vent port and the resin will be sucked from the inlet port at atmospheric pressure. CAN anyone help me in that? How can I apply the vacuum? And in this case what will be the conditions for the two phases, since there will be a vacuum inside the mold not air as in the previous case. Thanks in advance.

gtuncol August 7, 2010 00:05


I'm having the same exact problem, were you able to find a solution?


jack1980 August 8, 2010 11:38

Don't know if you can create a vacuum. You might however use a compressible flow and have a very low pressure at some outlet. This should work and at the same time it could even be a more accurate model of the actual problem?

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