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MON October 8, 2002 12:17

Error: Chip: internal error
hi,all for my UDF (Define_source) for debugging. when my UDF is interpreted it work. but, when i run a error messager :************************************************* ****** #Updating solution at time levels N and N-1. done. iter energy time/iter ! 5 solution is converged

5 3.1112e-03 0:00:00 2000


Error: Chip: internal error: invalid builtin -1: pc=332

Error Object: ()

What's mean the error,who can tell me? thanks a lot!

cdf_user April 2, 2011 20:15

chip internal error
Yeah I have the same trouble. My udf interprets, compiles, builds and loads properly but when I execute on demand, I get chip: internal error. invalid bullitin -1: pc = 45.

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