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cherry October 11, 2002 04:35

Urgent help for mixing plane
hello everyone:

I am carrying out a unsteady simulation for centrifugal compressor order to give a good initial condition for unsteady solution, steady simulation using mixing plane is done.the solve and boundary condition are followed:coupled-explicit solver,pressure-inlet,pressure-outlet.

when the simulation is done for some iterations ,the residual doen't go down,and mass flow rate that be monitored at the diffuser outlet change at a very small range. but the mass flow rate of impeller inlet,diffuser oulet,and the two side of mixing plane are not equal. such as:(inlet): 0.39389926 (outlet): -0.38044581 two side of mixing plane(inlet1): 0.8149088 (outlet1): -0.85761952 .i don't know the reason. i need your help urgently,thank you very much.



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